Carroll County Public Schools

 Service Learning Hour Form
CCPS Online Service Learning Hour Form
This form must be completed within one year from the time the service is complete. Exceptions may be considered for approval by contacting the Coordinator of Service Learning at Once this form is submitted, it will be emailed to the Service Learning Coordinator for your building. All Service-Learning activities must be reviewed and approved by the school Principal or Service Learning Coordinator before becoming part of your total Service Learning Hours.

Students shall: not be paid for their service; not earn hours for service to a for-profit business; not earn hours for service in preparation for or during religious services or religious education; not earn hours for assisting family members with tasks such as cutting the lawn or babysitting; not be excused from school to earn service-learning hours. Not sure if your hours qualify? Click here to get the email address of the Service Learning Coordinator for your school.

If you are unable to complete this online form, print a PDF version to complete and turn into the school. For the Spanish form, please click here.

Student & Activity Details


Now that you have completed your service-learning project, you are ready to write a description of your activity.
1. Tell why you chose to do this project. What community need were you attempting to meet?
2. What were your responsibilities and what did you actually do?
3. How did your actions benefit the community?
4. Would you select this project again? Why or why not?